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Shift Your Mindset

This one area can be the difference between success and failure in any business endeavor.

Nail Your Message

Knowing who you want to speak to and what you want to say will create momentum in your marketing.

Craft Your Offer

Creating a heart-centered offer will alleviate the uncertainty of how you and your offer are perceived.

Plan Your Marketing

Step 1 – 3 contribute to your marketing efforts. When you get them right, magic happens.


My Happy Clients!

“This program is one of the best investments I have made in myself in a while and it's exactly what I needed. Thanks so much for not only being the coach that you are but also the person that you are.”

Other Projects and Writing

Areas of Expertise!

I have 30 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience. I specialize in crafting strategies for high-performing multi-passionate business owners who want to achieve greater levels of success in life and business. 

My three decades of experience as a professional writer allows me to craft the right message in the right format. I’m fast, creative, and focused on your ultimate ROI.

Do you have a message for the world? Do you want to start a blog or write a book but you don’t think you’re a “good enough” writer? I can help. I will take your message, in your voice, and present it to the world – with your name on it. 

I fell into screenwriting by “accident” and found out I love it. I have been told I have a knack for natural dialogue and I love telling stories. My current screenplay in development is a limited-series World War II story from a female perspective. Stay tuned.

I have 17 years of human resources experience and 11 years of organizational  development expertise. My speciality is performance management (and career development).  I consult with small to large organizations in crafting a performance culture that attracts, retains, and awards high performers. 

You don't Have to Choose One Passion

Don’t listen to the naysayers – you don’t have to choose one passion to be successful in life. Do it all!

5 Strategies for Finding Your Focus

Your business is waiting for you to step up. Use these strategies to figure it all out and start taking action.


A Happy Discovery Call Participant

I feel so empowered after our session today! You really lit me up and gave me such good material to think about. For years I have been overwhelmed, trying to connect the dots of all the things I do and I am curious about, feeling like I had to decide and choose one. You showed me what they all have in common and inspired me to communicate it in such a simple way, which I think I feel comfortable with.
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This session is your time. I will ask you about your current circumstances as a multi-passionate person. We will talk about what is holding you back from starting your business or what is keeping you from fully implementing your ideas in your current business. At the end of our chat, if we feel it would be a good fit to work together, I will share the details of my coaching and strategy programs. I guarantee you will leave this session with a breakthrough that you can implement right away.