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You're a motivated, intelligent, and visionary thinker

But, you’ve never been able to answer the question: what do you want to be when you grow up?

You dream of starting a business so you can freely express yourself and yet deep down you feel like you would be letting people down. You can’t seem to let go of your fear of failure (or is it success?).

You feel like you can never focus enough to find your “niche” and end up being a Jane of all trades and a master of none. You’re at the point of not starting anything new because, in the end, you know you won’t finish it.

You’re curious, love to learn, and your creative energy touches all areas of your life. You’re likely a writer or entrepreneur, or have thought about being one. You are passionately multi-passionate, and you aren’t about to change.

If you do decide to leap, you have no clue where to start, what idea to work on first, and how to package it as a real honest to goodness business. It’s stressful just thinking about it.

I know where to start and I can find clues in your current situation to help you create a life and business that you not only love but one that embraces your multiple talents.

Whether you want to start a business as a writer or creative entrepreneur (or both), or you have started the journey but keep losing momentum and focus, I can help.

Forcing yourself to do work that is boring or just pays the bills isn’t necessary. Making your business dreams a reality is possible. Let’s team up and do it together.

➺ Hi, There, I’m Corrie Ann

I’m a freelance writer and visionary business strategist who believes that being multi-passionate is a gift, not a struggle. You can design a business doing what you love, and make money doing it. 

I’m an intuitive guide who can maximize your potential, hold you accountable, and provide a good kick in the rump when you need it the most. 

I know how to help you focus your attention on creating a vision that supports who you are as a multi-passionate person. I lead you down the path to being your own boss, calling the shots, and finally being who you are meant to be.

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Guess what superpowers I bring to the table when we work together: You get a mini-mastermind wrapped in a strategic partner. You see, I’m an INTJ according to Myers-Brigg Type indicator. This type represents “The Mastermind.” I apply my creative and logical thought processes to problem-solving, so I can guide you to find new ways of looking at things so you obtain a new outcome.Can

My CliftonStrengths

Learner  ~  Strategic  ~  Futuristic  ~  Intellection  ~  Maximizer

I have studied and mentored with some of the greatest entrepreneurs, all of whom shared their wisdom and expertise so that I could become the entrepreneur that I am today. A partial list includes:

  • Stu McLaren
  • Gary Ryan Blair
  • James Wedmore
  • Valerie Young
  • Jeff Goins
  • T Harv Eker
  • Ali Brown
  • MaryEllen Tribby
  • Anna Runyan
  • Thomas Leonard

Today, I get to work with multi-passionate people who want to be professional writers and/or creative entrepreneurs. They are ready to embrace their multiple passions rather than pick just one. I leverage all my skills to bring a holistic approach to business development that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you want to brainstorm ways to make your business idea work, create the ultimate business vision and strategy, or need a personal coach and strategist to help you make your dreams a reality, I can help.

I absolutely love strategizing, problem-solving, and maximizing the potential of ambitious go-getters like you, especially when it leads you to realize your dreams.

I’m your holistic business strategist.

Let's get down to business and make your dreams a reality

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